Damon salvatore bio

damon salvatore bio

Damon Salvatore is a fictional character in The Vampire Diaries novel series. He is portrayed by Ian Somerhalder in the television series. Initially, Damon is the  First appearance ‎: ‎"Pilot". Name: Damon Salvatore. Nickname: None. Birthday: Some time during the 15th century. Eyes: Black. Hair: Black, straight. Gender: Male. Species: Vampire. History. Damon Salvatore was born the elder son of Guiseppe Salvatore during the s. He had a younger brother by the name of Stefan. Sie treffen auf Kai der den Aszendenten vernichtet. At the age of 17, in late May , his mother died of consumption he later learns in this was not the case. Als Stefan davon erfährt, wendet er sich von Damon ab. Damon tötet ihn um ihn von seinem Leid zu erlösen. Damon is with Stefan and Elena at the Gilbert house when discussing how Esther was in the coffin, and when Elena receives her invitation Damon does not want her to go because it is dangerous. Damon reveals damon salvatore bio Stefan he sold his rage to Sage after she crossed him by telling Rebekah about the White Oak, and that Rebekah left out a part of the bridge made of the same white oak: Rose gets a call from Slater, who tells her she needs the moon stone to lift the curse, and a witch to figure the rest. Damon resents Stefan for suggesting it and wants to dismiss it completely, but Stefan only asks that Damon test the theory by asking Elena to try drinking from a blood bag again, and to emphasize that it would make Damon happy if 888 casino cheat did. However, Lexi was stubborn and she stuck with Damon for the following six months. She warns him that his hatred will get the best of him, which is ironic, because it eventually consumed his life. Damon tappte in eine Falle, da Lee ihn verbrennen bad salzuflen wetter 7 tage, aus Rache, weil er seine Liebe Lexi getötet hatte. When Damon is apparently about to kill Matt, Elena attacks Damon to stop him, revealing that she has completed her transition and is now a vampire. Kai stumbles into the hospital injured. The sheriff finds them here and tries to shoot Damon, but when Damon flees, Jeremy is shot instead. Eventually he finds Bonnie, hugging her in relief, but when the two arrive back in Mystic Falls in informs Stefan Bonnie has lost her mind. She walks off to find herself a room, even after Stefan and Damon denied her the invitation of staying there. Then she found out the truth: Instead, he persuaded her to take a break from her life and accompany him. Der Kampf endete als Damon Stefan etwas in den Bauch rammte. Durch die Verschmelzung hat Kai auch Eigenschaften von Luke aufgenommen. Kai is irritated that his plan to torture Damon with an impossible choice had failed and, while he's distracted, Damon decapitates him from behind. It was part of a plan executed by Mason Lockwood to show Elizabeth Forbes that Damon was a vampire. Alaric is a vampire hunter looking to avenge his wife by killing the vampire that killed her. Er gab ihm die Nummer und experimentierte an ihm herum. He already had the Grimoire and he and Anna were both determined to open the tomb. Before he gives it back, he tells Elena that he is in love with her, and because he is in love with her, he cannot be selfish with her. Damon wurde von Sheriff Forbes aufgesucht, da es einen erneuten Vampir-Angriff gegeben hatte, obwohl Lexi tot war. Damon completes the story by telling her that Stefan forced him to feed on a human. Als der Rollentausch auffliegt, stoppt Quetsijah sein Herz. They said Silas would rise again and trigger the end of all time, which sounds dangerous even to an immortal. Bei der Beerdigung begegneten sich Stefan und Damon wieder. Allerdings wird Elena in einen Dornröschenschlaf gezaubert, kostenlose pferdespiele de sie ihre Lebenspläne verschieben. Damon steht oben auf dem Kirchturm an der Uhr um auf sie zu warten.

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Emily Bennett , Katherines Zofe und eine Hexe, erzählte beiden nach ihrer Verwandlung, dass die Vampire durch ihren Zauber das Feuer überlebt hatten. He picks up Elena after Klaus obeyed to get his hybrids out of Mystic Falls and takes her home. Zusammen mit Kelly und Jenna trankt er einige Gläser. Bonnie first saw Damon in Friday Night Bites when he dropped Caroline off at cheerleading practice. Mystic Falls Salvatore-Pension Forbes Haus Lockwood-Villa New Orleans Mikaelson Niederlassung St.

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